who i am.

Claude Jones

Claude Jones is a seasoned leader with over 15 years of experience with a reputation for building and leading teams that outperform expectations and deliver exceptional value. He takes a practical approach to building high performing teams by focusing on 4 core disciplines:

  • Efficiency: Focus on a person’s passion ensuring they are in the right role adding the most value
  • Transparency: Strengthen communication channels through trust and continuously feedback
  • Measurability: Techniques for defining realistic goals and key metrics to measure success
  • Engagement: Encourage a culture of individual leadership and accountability

Over the years, Claude has created a series of talks and workshops that focus on creating strong individual leaders, building strong team cultures, and helping individuals find their passions.

Claude also has a passion for bringing out the best in others and believes that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. In his spare time he runs the Elevate Foundation, an organization focused on helping others in need and giving back to the community.

Claude’s guilty pleasures are home poker games, vacationing in warm places, brainstorming on new business ideas, amine, and video games.

what i do.

Motivational Speaker

Speaking engagements and workshops aimed at empowering people to visualize success, overcome obstacles, and focus on the right opportunities towards achieving their goals.

  • Improve Team Morale
  • Increase Workplace Productivity
  • Encourage Team Collaboration

Life Coach

Personal guide, motivator, strategist, and accountability partner to help you evaluate and decide which steps to take in order to reach your goals or make an important change in life.

  • Find Your Purpose and Passion
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Define Strategies to Reach your Goals


Passionate and active member of the community looking to make a difference in the lives of others. The goal is to inspire, uplift, and rebuild the communities and the people within them.

  • Be an Inspiration to Others
  • Help the Underprivileged
  • Encourge a Pay it Forward Mentality

recent work.

Here's some of my recent work

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  • Community Involvement

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what people say.

Annie Lu

Software Engineer

"Claude has been a guide and inspiration for me personally and professionally! I am grateful for his on-going support and mentorship as I navigate through life’s challenges."

Ravi Tata

Software Engineering Manager

"Claude is a thought leader and mentor who helped me navigate thru a challenging situation in my career. He is passionate, shows empathy and provides guidance that makes you think thru the various options and solutions in a systematic manner."

Sandeep Jangra

Software Engineer

"The real life leadership skills that I learned from Claude have been a huge compliment to my career as a software engineer."

Shawn Bunger

Human Resource Lead

"Claude leads by example. He is an inspiring individual that strives to get the most out of any team by building a culture of servant leadership."

Elwin Loomis

Technology Executive

"Claude can see one’s superpower, help nurture and develop all while driving the entire team towards the goal. His insight, perspective and approach will multiply your performance individually, or as a team."

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